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Music Video Parties

What are Video Shows?

A new addition to our shows is our Multimedia, DVD, Computer Video Dance Party. Our library of music videos contains over 1,000 songs and is growing every month. In addition to the latest music, we also have music videos of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s hits including classic rock, country, and specialty songs.

We also offer a large selection of Contemporary Christian Videos.

We can take live video of you and your party while it’s happening… then display it immediately on the video screen. This adds a lot of extra excitement to any event.

For Weddings you might want to show everyone a video or slide show on how the bride and groom met or pictures of them growing up. This adds a lot of emotion to any wedding reception.

If you have funny or interesting photos of people in your group, we can even prepare a presentation to music and play it during the event! “Through the Years” for birthday or anniversary parties …. “Then and Now” for Reunions … the possibilities are endless.