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Church Events

Where can a church turn to find mobile DJ entertainment they can trust?Dancers

Right here!

Great Oldies DJ has a huge collection of contemporary Christian music, both in audio format and as music videos. We also have Christian karaoke songs which range from classic hymns to today’s hottest Christian music.

We play church-friendly music, karaoke, and music videos. Our team building activities and trivia game shows are appropriate for family-oriented events.

Concerns over lyrical themes have kept many churches from sponsoring dances. Our contemporary Christian music selection can keep the pace with the sounds of popular secular music without compromising on the message behind the music. Even our secular music selection can be as clean as you want them! If you are looking for all contemporary Christian or a good mix of clean secular and contemporary Christian music, we are here to help!

Married Couples Dances should be an integral part of any church calendar. With the divorce rate among Christians matching that of secular society the church needs to help stand in the gap and work toward strengthening these covenant unions between couples and God. Dancing has long been a part of celebrations. Today couples must turn to the secular world if they choose to go out dancing.

We believe the Church should consider hosting regular formal and informal events. This gives couples something to look forward to, a regular return to romance. It also tells the younger folks that getting older doesn’t mean an end to “fun”. These events can also be used to promote involvement in other church sponsored activities.

The main reason that most people do not normally think of using a DJ or KJ at a church event is because most church attendees would not think that the music would be appropriate for their events. And for most DJ’s that could be true.

Think about the types of events your church has. A few may be Fall Festivals, Teen Nights, Back to School events, Lock-Ins, Valentine Day Couples Banquets, and dinners. A great DJ can make all of these events more memorable.